Howe To Drive

Sara, a UKCC Level 3 coach, comes from a very successful equine family who all have a wealth of experience and expertise in various equestrian disciplines. 


Sara is passionate about anything connected with horses. She is a highly successfully international carriage driving competitor herself and is keen to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

She was a member of the pony club inter-branch riding teams in her youth before discovering her love for carriage driving in her teens. She then established her driving business alongside her father’s riding school and has continued to be actively involved in both spheres. She has been a top international carriage driver since 2003, representing Great Britain as a team member in more than nine World Championships. She has won three bronze medals and been the UK National single pony and Team champion numerous times.

Although she is a very keen competitor herself, some of her other proudest moments have been in her role as the Chef d’Equipe and team trainer at international competitions for The Para-Equestrian Carriage Driving Team and British Young Drivers where these teams have also celebrated medal successes. She is a key figure in the training program for many of the junior drivers in this country and finds it very rewarding supporting them and watching them develop their skills.

Sara is also an RDA carriage driving assessor and road safety examiner for many of the local groups in Kent and Surrey.She is also a BDS assessor.

On a daily basis she teaches novices the art of carriage driving by loaning the use of a turnout from her centre, as well as, continuing to support more experienced drivers in their schooling and competition techniques with their own turnouts. 

Sara Howe

Pony Team