Howe To Drive @ Bradbourne Carriage Driving Centre

Beginner/Novice Driving Lessons  

Carriage driving is an exciting and exhilarating sport for the whole family. If you are thinking about learning to drive then Bradbourne is the place for you because you can hire one of our well-schooled ponies to learn to drive with. All beginner's lessons are one to one with a qualified instructor and a single turnout.

 Lessons will begin with learning the art of rein handling skills on Woody-our beginner's horse. You will then learn the names of different parts of the harness and how to harness up the horse and put it into the carriage. You will then master the rein handling skill by driving in the ménage, around the fields or on the local roads. Lessons will vary in length depending upon the knowledge and experience of the driver. 
Regular Training Opportunities throughout the year.

Everyone benefits from regular training whatever they aspire to achieve. Therefore Sara is always offering a regular program of training throughout the summer and winter months. During the winter she hires an indoor school and drivers are able to book sessions every month to continue with their training schedule.

In the summer the training takes place at Bradbourne or Underriver and drivers can book a place on training days or camps.

We can send you dates of our training this year.

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Intermediate/Advanced Driving Lessons

Even experienced drivers need to hone their skills. You may wish to have help with dressage schooling, driving obstacles and cones or even learning the skill of driving a multiple turnout-we are here to help you as well. 

Please do get in contact with us.  We would love to help you to achieve you goals.  Click here to contact us.

Camps and Young Drivers

Throughout the year we hold carriage driving camps allowing fellow drivers to get together. Drivers come from all over the county come and we have a good laugh whilst learning at the same time.  Drivers and horses usually camp in the fields saving you the problems of commuting daily.  If you enjoy it that much you could also join Bradbourne Carriage Driving Club and meet other driving enthusiasts.

We particularly enjoy teaching our junior drivers and watching them improve their skills and we hold residential camps in the holidays.