Dear All,

Well , we are home safe and sound. What a trip, it was outstanding. The ponies did us all proud, the journey was early starts and long 12 hour travelling

The ponies coped with this very well, we chopped up some apples and dropped them into the water and they all seemed very happy with that.

The stables we stayed at on the stopover were absolutely massive, I could have put the whole team in one box, it was really nice for the ponies to have a roll and a walk round.

It rained on Saturday, Sunday and Monday then got hotter and hotter. At the show the stables were in big tents where there was lots of ventilation and they could see over the
doors so that was a big bonus.

The vet check was a bit up and down but thankfully in the end all was ok.

The Dressage also went really well for us, the ponies looked really good, the Howe crew turned the team out absolutely superbly as they did throughout the whole event.

I was very pleased with the score, there are so many things that could go wrong in dressage, you may get one pony jogging, or leaning out, biting, kicking or spooking but ours just kept it together and did real good.

Cross Country On Section A the times were all good, a few hills and very stony but still all was well.

Section B, Walk sometimes we have been a few seconds to slow, but all the hard work and training at home paid off and we made the walk Ha ha !

Section E. 8 Hazards, number 1 was a bit tricky and I did an extra circle, Jack got his hind leg over the trace but luckily he got it back over and we carried on, the ponies just got better and better round the course with Tricia and Carl working very hard on the back of the carriage keeping us going in the right direction and also keeping the carriage upright.

There was a water hazard, so on went the armbands, in we went full pelt, what great fun. We carried on and finished all in one piece, then the vet check on the ponies with water and ice waiting at the end of the course because it was Sooo hot. Then we gave them a big hose down, ice on legs and feet, lavender washes all round. The ponies then came out 2 hours later a little bit tired but looking really good.

More vet checks on Sunday, then the dreaded Cones. Phillip, Sarah Mac, Les, Tricia all washing socks, plaiting again, Carl cleaning the carriage and Sara doing harness.

20 cones, thats lots with 3 slaloms, the team took on the challenge so well until I got to number 19 and down it went, it was my fault i just turned to early anxious to get through the last cone and through the finish. So exciting I could have just kept cantering around the arena forever. All the English spectators shouting and whistling, It was FANTASTIC, the little section 'A's had done it.

Our goals were :

To back up Wilf if he went wrong
To finish in one piece
Not to come last
To enjoy it
To get out there and back all in one piece
Our score to count for the team placing
and we managed to do all of these
Great Britain came 4th, I came 8th individual in the world, Best placed of the British team and they gave me the title ' Man of the Match '

What an honour we loved it so much, representing Great Britain was outstanding BUT I could not have done this without all the outstanding support that so many people have given me and the Gingers.

I am really, really very grateful to you all.



P.S The gingers are not taking any phone calls, text - e mails, they have gone on their holidays for a very well deserved rest.