Royal Windsor 2014

Lorry packed and heading off to Royal Windsor once again,
To an international competition so we needed to train,
Wheelers became leaders, we were swopped left and right,
We wanted to improve our dressage and put up a good fight,
A vet’s inspection in the morning and trot up to prove us all sound,
Warm-up and schooling outside the arena trying to make us round,
In the test we showed suppleness, impulsion, better bends and more,
This dressage test was a huge improvement earning a 55 score!
We were 5th after this part of the competition and definitely in the race
Saturday was the marathon and time for us to up the pace,
In our patriotic cross-country colours of red, white and blue,
Around the eight technical hazards- The Gingers flew,
Cantering through start gates, ears pricked, beating all the rest
The Gingers flew, knocking off seconds in each hazard to be the best,
Winning the marathon at an international was an amazing feat,
It meant in the evening at prize giving, The Duke we did meet,
The following morning a tricky cones course had been designed,
Testing all with slaloms and move-overs, the winner to find,
We entered the arena, drove a good round keeping our second position,
We had driven the best we could and the Gingers had been on a mission,
To prove once again that they are best of The Brits, and meeting The Queen,
Driving proudly around the main arena was Sara’s ultimate dream,
 with her Ginger Team.