Well finally, the big day has arrived. 

The horse box has been washed and cleaned, everyone has packed and the ponies sorted.  Bless them, they think they are going to a party after all the pampering they have had in the last few days !   It's just that the party might take a little longer to get there than they anticipate .... I'm sure we'll be hearing plenty whinnying from the Gingers asking "are we nearly there yet?".

We only have 3 hours to go before we leave Bradbourne to catch a 6.40pm ferry to Calais.  We will be stopping overnight in Calais before the long journey to Slovenia.  Fingers crossed the croissants are decent and the coffee strong to keep us going. 

We will of course keep you posted on how things go.  Thank you once again for all your support over recent weeks.  It really has been a team effort, even to get to this stage. 

Lets hope we can bring back a medal !