We began the year on Jan 2nd with our yearly little mini one day event at home.  We had a very good day, weather was really good and loads of competitors of all ages, couple of juniors, O A P (me)  and the rest. 

On Sat 25th Feb was the annual Quiz Night.  This year the questions were set by the White family as they were last year's winners. There was a very good turnout - at least 30 + people.    There were 5 or 6  different categories and a Joker to be played.   One whole table was made up from our R D A section  and they were very good.

The winning table had Gemma, Kazzy, Lizzie, Simon and Linda etc -  so they have the pleasure of making up the questions next year.

We Lost

We have been running BDS training days since October at  Blue Barn Equestrian Centre,   and our February one had a slightly different twist, although it was a beautiful sunny day, towards the end of the afternoon it all went a bit pear shaped.  We had a competitor  in the middle of her session and the wheel of her carriage fell off,   for Sara that makes a total of  3 as she has been teaching Linda Hill  and she has had 2 of her wheels come off.  At different times.

Then to top it all,  when it was time to go,   2 peoples vehicles wouldn't start, poor Glenda and Donna.

We would like to send Congratulations to all those who have qualified for the Indoor Championships at Keysoe, especially our Bradbourne Members seniors and juniors.   The dates are  30th, 31st March and 1st April at the Keysoe College in Beds   and if anyone would like to go and support our guys they would be very welcome.

The last of the Indoor events for the South East area  was at a new venue - Crockstead Equestrian Centre in Halland.  It is a very nice place and all our club members did brilliantly,  it was only spoilt by the weather.   It absolutely poured with rain all day  !!!