Weds 5th Sept.  9.30 a.m.   

The Gingers packed all their bags and off to The Windsor National Championships they went.  

Sara had been away the week before to Breda in Holland  with the RDA Paralympic drivers  and  Wow  they came home 3rd winning the Bronze medal.

So the Gingers had an easy week before but now  Thursday, we have to get down to business and so a couple of training sessions a bit of sorting out,  the ponies were ok  its Sara that might be a bit rusty. 

Dressage day Friday,, all went very well for the gingers  and we were lying in 1st place after that phase,  so extra apples tonight hurrah !!

Up early Saturday as its Marathon day,  we had to work hard that day as there were some very good competitors  but good news more apples for the Ginga's as they won the Marathon as well.

Sunday came round so quick  but we have to start to pack up now but not of course until we have completed the Cones course.  Everything and everybody had their fingers crossed but with just 1 cone down  we came away victorious and the Gingers are again National Champions!!

They were outstanding  and that means they are also Points League Champions.  Yeah,  so now they get a bucket full of apples.

So off home we came, had a bit off a chill for a few days  and then we were told to pack our bags again, but this time, no baths, no clipping or trimming before we were loaded,  cos we saw a big field and we entered it bucking and kicking  as we are here on our holidays,  hoorah !!