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The Royal Windsor 2014 Poem - Brilliant !!!!

Posted by Polly Ruddle on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, In : 2014 
Royal Windsor 2014

Lorry packed and heading off to Royal Windsor once again,
To an international competition so we needed to train,
Wheelers became leaders, we were swopped left and right,
We wanted to improve our dressage and put up a good fight,
A vet’s inspection in the morning and trot up to prove us all sound,
Warm-up and schooling outside the arena trying to make us round,
In the test we showed suppleness, impulsion, better bends and more,
This dressage test was a huge improvement earning a 5...

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Royal Windsor 2014

Posted by Polly Ruddle on Thursday, May 22, 2014, In : 2014 
Again this year we were given the honour of competing at Royal Windsor.

We left the yard as planned at 9.30am on Tuesday morning. The journey there went well and we pulled into the showground at 11am.

Literally as we pulled in the heavens opened and while Sara sat in the lorry staying dry Sarah Mac, Tom and Donna got soaked whilst trying to decide where to park! For the last few years we have always parked at one end of the lorry park, this year to give us a little more space they suggested we ...
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Bradbourne Ride & Drive days, written by Leonie.

Posted by Polly Ruddle on Thursday, March 20, 2014, In : 2014 
During the last two months Sara organised two ' ride and drive ' days at Bradbourne. Seven people took part each time.
I was ' indoors ' with the riders while Sara was 'out in the cold ' with the drivers but incidentally both days were dry and bright! 

The object of the riding sessions was to show how to achieve the rapport needed to be able to help the horse when driven by utilizing certain exercises such as leg yielding and shoulder in to improve the general way of going.   Clearly training...
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Classroom Para training, by Sue Johnson

Posted by Polly Ruddle on Monday, February 3, 2014, In : 2014 
Well who says you need a horse with you to get a lot out of a training day.  There is no reason to stop learning just because it is wet outside.

Ten of us embarked upon the early start and long journey on that biggest car park in the UK otherwise known as the M25 to make our way down to Kent to Sara’s yard.  The weather was atrocious with torrential rain causing slow driving conditions, which were made even slower due to a four car pile-up!

Anyway the journey was worthwhile as we arrived at t...
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My ride and drive experience with Leonie and Sara, by Kathryn Crombie

Posted by Polly Ruddle on Monday, February 3, 2014, In : 2014 
On the 19th January Leonie and Sara held a ride and drive.  The aim was to school your driving pony/horse under saddle and then transfer the schooling methods to your pony when driving.  The use of ridden schooling is to help improve our driving skills and to highlight some of the problems we may incur when we are schooling when driving.
We were able to watch through the day and had the opportunity to discuss with each other the different problems we all had.
My first schooling session was wi...
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Results January Mini Indoor Out

Posted by Polly Ruddle on Sunday, January 12, 2014, In : 2014 

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