BCDC September Camp – red rosettes!

We arrived at the September camp in heavy rain but bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for another chapter in our carriage driving experience. Jenny was both excited and anxious as she had finally bought a 4 wheel carriage that Ronan – her naughty Fell pony – had yet to encounter. I was fine until day two when I discovered that Sara had passed me on to Leonie for my dressage lessons! Much to my surprise they went really well and at last I began to understand how to get the right bend.    

Jenny on the other hand had a scary first day with Ronan feeling the freedom of his new carriage and showing his delight by behaving badly and kicking it a few times.

On Thursday afternoon we worked on the obstacle course - Sara shouted to Jenny to give Ronan his head through the water obstacle, which was in fact dry. As she reached the top of the bank he put in a huge buck and his hind shoes flashed before Jenny’s eyes - I was hanging on very tight.  

Friday evening we cleaned our harnesses in readiness for Saturday – competition day, which came around very quickly. I am fiercely competitive and was feeling very sick with anticipation. Nothing but a red rosette would do! Much to my surprise my dressage test went really well and then I demolished part of the cones course. I thought I had blown it and so went out and just enjoyed myself in the obstacle course. Archie was a super-star and we made good time through the lovely flowing course.

Jenny survived – which was what she wanted to achieve and by the end of the week she was pleased with her new carriage and Ronan was at last tired!

I was tidying up the caravan when Jenny came to tell me I had won my class -novice horse.  I couldn’t believe it and thought she was teasing because of the mess I had made of the cones. I was delighted with my red rosette and thanked Sara and Leonie for the excellent tuition and then much to my amazement I learned I had achieved the fasted time of the competition in the obstacle course and was awarded a huge red rosette for that too.   

Thank you again to Sara and Leonie for really great lessons, to Annie, Leslie and Charlotte for back stepping and everyone who contributed to the camp and competition in any way, and a big thanks to Sarah Owlett for welcoming us to her farm and providing the lovely puddings on Fish n chip night.

We are looking forward to next year’s camps.

Penny Craven & Jenny Wallace