This year has been an incredibly busy year for Sara. She has successfully competed both a team and a pair of ponies at National level and managed to achieve an under 65 dressage score ( a criteria in preparation for the Pony Worlds Selection in 2019) She is the current pony team champion again for the 9th year in a row! She has also been abroad to Holland with the GBR para equestrian team as their trainer. The para drivers did incredibly well and won a team bronze with individuals winning a bronze as well. Sara then went to Hungary with the Junior Drivers as their trainer. One of the drivers achieved a team gold with the others finishing in a respectable 4th place. This training with these teams is something which Sara loves and is hoping to continue helping them with for many years to come.
Now she is busy training clients at indoor venues throughout the winter months and also running mini driving events from her centre here in Sevenoaks.