Well folks, we're all quaking in our soon to be re-shod shoes.  We only have 16 days before we head for Slovenia.... can you believe it ?

All eyes will be on us, so we have plenty to do in two weeks.  We are off to Windsor Park on Sunday 4th to keep ourselves trim and to iron out any last minute issues.  We will be so focused on listening to Sara that we might even forget to doff our brow bands at the Queen, should she be there.

I was a very brave pony and had my flu jab yesterday. The vet said I was very well behaved most of the time :)  

We will all be re-shod on Monday.  There is no point being groomed to within an inch of our lives, tack gleaming, carriage spotless, the team wearing immaculate clothing and then have shoes that are all raggedy and hanging off !  We may be small and cocky but we certainly want to look and feel the part.

After our new shoes are fitted we will be off on Mon late afternoon until Wednesday to do some more last minute training especially as thanks to Marisa's mum's back is much better.

We'll post again soon. 

In the meantime, see you around :)))

x Amble & The Team x